"And you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and to the ends of the earth." Acts 1:8

Learn about unique needs


To be able to minister to the people around your church, you have to have an understanding of their needs – we help you with that.

Unlock church preferences


One of the first steps to inviting your neighbors to your church, is knowing who they are and how they like to worship and fellowship.

Discover ministry opportunities


Your church and your community both represent thousands of special ministry opportunities that God has placed before you.

Churches Using Joshua Survey

Some of the fastest growing churches in America are using Joshua Survey in their ministries.

Get to know the community you are called to reach.






Your unique report will include…



Demographic Maps


We provide you a birds-eye view of the area around your church according to zip code, church saturation, number of households and more.



Comparative Bar Charts


With over 20 areas of interest covered, these side-by-side comparisons of your church and community are easy to understand.



Community Demographics


This element gives you an accurate breakdown of how diverse your community and church really are.



Profiled & Life Stage Groups


Our proprietary coding system will identify how your predominate community and church groups compare with each other.

Just a few things the Joshua Survey allows you to learn…

Family structures


Understand the wide range of family structures in your church and community to help minister to them.



Ethnic group information


Ethnic group information -  Identify who the fastest growing ethnic groups are and how they are represented in your community & church.



Projected growth


Forsee population growth or decline in your community with accurate data projections.

Potential multi-site locations


Identify potential locations for multi-site campuses or church expansion based on the most current data.



Member locations


See where your member households are and identify how far your attenders travel to your services.



Attender breakdown


Gain in-depth insight into the people who attend your church and call it home.

Family financial health


Understand the financial health of your community and membership to better understand giving potential.



Focused audience targeting


Know how to reach your community with precision targeting and marketing.



Worship preferences


Discover what the faith receptivity and worship preferences are within your community.



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